The activities program at the Mansion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center uses a holistic approach designed to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of our residents.  An individualized plan is developed for each resident to provide the optimum level of comfort and well being.  Room visits are offered, as well as materials for self directed activity, to those who prefer the comfort of their own room.  Our activities calendar is resident driven and continually changes to meet the needs of the people in our community.

Our monthly activities calendar offers a variety of programs to provide residents with physical, social, spiritual, memory enhancement, and creative opportunities.  See the lists to the right for example of current and future offerings.

From a game of dominoes with friends, to bus trips and dining out, we have a variety of engaging and entertaining options inside and outside the facility.  A fine dining program is available at the noon time meal. Residents dine in the activity room with the table set and ambient music playing.  Table service is provided by the activity staff familiar with individual dietary needs.

In the warmer months, the garden and courtyard located just off the activity room may serve as an alternative venue for activity programs and meals.  It is a comfortable and secure area where residents are able to enjoy some time outdoors.

The activity staff are dedicated advocates and engagement coordinators for our resident community.  Through Resident Council, facilitated by our activities staff, our residents have the opportunity to voice their concerns on all aspects of their care and environment.  The administration of the facility is directly informed of all concerns. Ideas and issues that come up are addressed in a timely manner, with great attention paid to resident satisfaction.

We plan our activities program around the goal of enriching the daily life of each resident, while building a sense of community between residents, family, and staff.  We are committed to helping our residents flourish.


  • Physical Activities

    • Seated and standing movement exercises
    • Senior dance
    • Senior yoga
    • Bocce ball
    • Target toss
    • Senior golf put
    • Senior basket ball
    • Various Wii Games
  • Social Activities

    • Coffee hour
    • Card & board games
    • Live musical entertainment
    • Movies
    • Group outings
    • Birthday celebrations
    • Holiday celebrations
  • Spiritual Activities

    • Catholic Mass
    • Protestant Service
    • Protestant Bible study
    • Ecumenical Bible study
    • Visits from Jewish Eldercare
    • Meditation & reflection workshops
  • Memory Enhancement Activities

    • Reality orientation
    • Sports and weather reports
    • Trivia games
    • Word games
    • Bingo & Yahtzee
    • Guided reminiscing
    • Various cognitive workouts
  • Creative Activities

    • Painting & drawing
    • Sculpture
    • Cooking preparation
    • Planting & gardening
    • Flower arrangement
    • Arts appreciation
    • Poetry workshop
    • Various crafts