Mealtimes at the Mansion are special, we have a lively food culture.  We work hard to ensure our residents enjoy their meals.  Here, food is an extension of caregiving.  Everyone has their favorite dishes, favorite recipes.  Residents look forward to selections which they pick from a choice menu.  Chef-inspired recipes offer a wide variety of meals sure to satisfy.  The food options are seasonal and topical; many of our dishes are developed from well-known cooking shows, and specialty menu websites.  Staff and administrators enjoy the same food our residents eat, and we have a long tradition at the Mansion of offering food to our guests and family members.

We feature a 4 week menu cycle, which is supervised by our registered dietician, who analyzes, plans, and monitors nutrition details from concept through food preperation.  Out dietician coordinates with our cooks and food service staff to ensure our residents have the building blocks for health and well-being.  Menu selections are designed to meet recommended nutrition values. Special diets and selections that recognize the cultural diversity of our community are honored, and integrated into our food preparation process.  We also encourage robust feedback on our menu.  Residents are asked to offer menu and meal suggestions which we incorporate into our menu planning.

We have successful team in our kitchen.  Our Food Service Director, in addition to strong culinary expertise, has many years of experience with the special regulatory requirements and challenges of dietary administration in a long term care setting.  She leads a capable long tenured staff, who possess an array of food safety certifications and qualifications.  Under her direction, the Dietary Department has welcomed many years of excellent inspections and rave resident reviews.

We keep our meal service interesting. Our meals are served in one of two dining rooms with table service and pleasant music in the background.  We frequently offer lunch and breakfast buffets, meals in the garden in the warm months, and special foods for special occasions and holidays.  We celebrate Chinese New Year and Cinco de Mayo with afternoon appetizers.  Super-bowl Parties and watching baseball events with chip and dips!  And annually we  have a May Breakfast, a Family and Friends picnic, Harvest Breakfast, and special Thanksgiving and major holiday meals with guests.

We recognize that creating a tasty, fun, festive, community environment goes a long way in making an inviting and socially comforting environment for our residents and the whole Mansion family.