This page is where families, personnel, staff and the community can find facility-specific information about COVID-19, as well as any information on current policies and preparedness. This page also includes links to online resources with educational materials, which explain the importance of hand hygiene, physical distancing, proper use of PPE, and other infection control measures.

The Mansion has been fortunate and diligent in maintaining its COVID-free status through Rhode Island’s reopening. We’d like to thank our resident families and our community for their patienfce and assistance as we continue with our process of safely reopening to visitors.

Current Visitation restrictions

  • Visits are by appointment only
  • Visitors and staff must check in and abide by the facilities entire infection control protocol, including use of PPE
  • Notification of additional requirements and the process for having a safe visit will be provided as part of the vist scheduling process
  • Check this page for updates or additional information on our visitation process as it becomes available

Please call with any questions regarding our policies for keeping residents safe during this challenging period.

Important Resources

Rhode Island Department of Health COVID-19 Information Page

Rhode Island specific information about coronavirus, links to testing information, health and support services, education and childcare, economic data.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Information Page

Latest facts and US public health information about coronavirus, information on how to conduct your daily activities safely. General guidelines for community, work, and school. Public health data and context.